You're going to think I'm bonkers... but anxiety is your superhero... here's why.... -

You’re going to think I’m bonkers… but anxiety is your superhero… here’s why….

I’ve shared so much over the weeks/years about how my mental health impacted me and all the things I’ve learned and how it’s come to serve my clients.

The biggest shift I had though was the understanding that anxiety was there to protect me.

Last week I was lying in bed and I could feel that familiar feeling in my stomach… this feeling of dread that something terrible is going to happen.

It’s such a familiar feeling.  I’ve it all my life.  That feeling that something just isn’t right.  That’s there’s something to be afraid of.

It’s come up a bit this last week for various reasons… possibly the impending puppy making an appearance, the juggle over the summer holidays, the uncertainty about when we go to Italy and other variables right now.

In the past I would have got so frustrated… feeling like this AGAIN… what’s going on… it would have kept me awake… I would have tossed and turned all night and I would have felt increasingly panicked and tried to control more and more.  

That doesn’t happen any more.  

This is going to sound odd.  I know it because I would have thought you were bonkers too if I didn’t know what I do.

Instead I sit with it and I have a conversation with it.

I now know this part of me is a young part of me in pain and full of worries, fears and shame.

It uses anxiety as a way to protect me from all the potential harm that could happen so that I listen to it.

And that’s what I do now – is I converse with this part of me that’s scared.

I don’t ignore it, avoid it, fear it, get angry with it.

I sit and we chat.

I uncover what it’s scared of.

I validate it’s feelings.

I’m compassionate.

I let it know a plan so it feels reassured.  

And then it goes – the feeling goes.

What I’ve learned is anxiety is my super hero.  When I learned this everything shifted and changed.  It comes to protect me in times of uncertainty, when things feel scary or when there’s something I can’t figure out.

This is what I coach and what I teach is how to quickly and easily manage the symptoms of anxiety so they do not impact you in any way, shape or form.  

And this is what I’ll be teaching in my upcoming Masterclass – Why Anxiety is Your Superhero on the 24th June.  

By joining this masterclass you will:

  • Completely change the way you see anxiety and your relationship with it 
  • Gain huge insight into anxiety meaning you can quickly take control of your thoughts, those feelings will dissipate and it will lessen the impact it has on your life.
  • Learn tools and strategies to create distance between you and the anxious part of you so that you can find freedom from it  
  • Increase your energy as you’re not so exhausted by those thoughts, feelings and emotions meaning you’ll have the energy and motivation to go for walks/exercise/take the kids out/do things around the house/apply for that job 
  • Stop avoiding situations or people that make you feel anxious meaning that you feel much more confident and fulfilled 
  • Increase your ability to manage life/work and parenthood 

This is a paid masterclass with a Q&A after.  There’s a £5 discount if you’re on my mailing list.

I hope you can join me.

Much love, Tricia xxx