Coping strategies for everyday frustrations

Oh my effing jebbing…… Since school has returned we have literally been plagued by bug after bug. We should have a big red cross was painted on the door with the words ‘Lord Have Mercy Upon Us’ just like they did when there was the bubonic plague.  

I know we are not alone.  

The back to school bugs, the nursery phone calls, the PCR tests, the uncertainty of it all.  We’ve had multiple non-covid viruses, chicken pox and then to top it all off… one of my twins came downstairs last night for the sick bucket and is off school today.  

It’s not easy.  In fact, it’s downright frustrating.  

Here’s some ways I’m supporting myself and my clients right now which will hopefully help you too. You can use this same practice anytime something bigger appears too.  

Acknowledgement/validation of the frustration

There might be a part of you that’s struggling with the uncertainty, the frustration that you’re not getting things done as you wanted, maybe a feeling that you’re behind or you’re not able to catch up or catch you’re not able to get the break you expected/wanted or something else.  Possibly for some of you it could be that you’re left handling the care yet again when your partner isn’t or not as much.  Whatever it is – acknowledge this.   

Acceptance practice

One of the biggest issues you might be struggling with is the gap between how you expect things to be (the kids at school/nursery and you working or catching up) and now being needed.

A good phrase I find (and you can add in EFT/Tapping here) is “Even though this isn’t what I wanted, I’m open to accepting the situation for what it is and it will pass”.

Because the truth is… this is a phase – it will end.  You won’t have children at home all winter (I hope – every single part of my body is crossed).

Take control of your thoughts 

Whilst it’s frustrating and it’s not how you want life to be, it can still take up all your thoughts. The issue with thoughts, is that thoughts create energy and the more thoughts you give an issue, then the more energy it has.  It can be helpful to replace the thoughts when they appear not with opposing or angry thoughts but neutral thoughts about it.

Change your perspective

Think about this issues you have right now with your child being off school/nursery etc.

Think about the issues in the world right now – how important is this in the scheme of the world violence, disruption, wars, politics, poverty and everything else.

Think about your life as a book – how much do you want this issue with your child being off to be in this book.

Engage your inner wise mentor

What would your inner wise mentor say?

Practice gratitude 

What are you grateful for right now?

Write down at least 50 things that you are grateful for.

Radical self love and rest

As well as keeping control of your mindset – you need to focus on looking after you.  Nutrition, hydration, rest, saying no, asking for help, boundaries and limiting what you’re trying to do (as frustrating as that might be) as essential.

These are all things I help my clients with.  I’d love to know which one of these helps you the most?


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Much love, Tricia xxx


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