Be, Do and Have – an easy way to facilitate change

I took the weekend off my phone.  Well almost.

On Saturday my phone total use was 38 mins.  I was VERY impressed with myself as it counts some podcast listening and a morning visualisation.

But here’s also what happened.

Whilst I LOVED the headspace, an honestly epic weekend with the kids and dog, I slept so well…. it absolutely definitely induced some sort of anxiety about not doing all that I should be.  

Over the last couple of years my phone use has rocketed.

I know I am not alone.  

I regularly work with clients who are on their phones 5+ hours a day (is that you – have you checked your screen time?).

Do you know that a full time job is 35 hours a week – so you could be spending the equivalent of a full time job hours literally sitting on your phone scrolling or googling or consuming nothing that helps you.

There’s so much brilliant stuff that happens due to phones.  It’s helped me build up a community and reputation for work.  It’s connected me to other parents and mental health warriors.  It’s kept me connected to my family in Italy.  Podcasts, insight timer and all the latest news.  Courses, training, resources and other knowledge.  

It was, however, bliss to read, snooze, chill out with the kids and puppy and actually be present and connected.  

James Clear in Atomic Habits writes how you are the sum of your habits.

Your phone use – that’s a habit.

Your habits create your identity.  What you DO is what you BECOME.

A really helpful exercise can be to visualise the person you would like to be.

What would you be? What characteristics would you notice about you? (Are/Be)

What would you be doing? Doing more of? Enjoying what? (Habits/Do) 

What would you have? Have more of what? (Result/Have)

This is an exercise I do almost every single day – Who do I want to BE? What would I be DOING? What would I HAVE?

I find it such a helpful exercise to do with many of my clients.  It helps you to get clear from where you are right now to where you want to get to and what blocks are in the way.

This is a great exercise to do in a much bigger vision but also each and every day.   


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Much love, Tricia xxxx 

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