I don’t have time – here’s how I coached myself out of it

I had to get this out today to you because it’s something that really got to me today and I wanted to share this whilst it was fresh in my head today!

I’m going on holiday.

Like I’m sure every other person that reads this  – holidays with kids aren’t just an overnight bag… it’s military organisation.  Especially when you have 4 of them.  And a dog.  And a busy work schedule.

Yesterday, it started.

I’m so busy, got so much to do.


Today I woke up in a mood (not a good one).

Got so much to do.

Don’t have time.  

Why the f*ck did I agree to get a dog.

Bloody need to walk the dog.

No one else walks the fricking dog.




Mind monkeys.

Dropped off my youngest at nursery (was there at 7.55am…. as you know…. got so much to fecking do). 

Came home.  Breakfast, coffee, and I started to journal.

What do I want?

I want a slow life with lots of time outside in nature with the kids and that was why I got the dog.

Walk the dog.

And breathe.  

This is what I want.

Not to get stressed by work, or to do list.

Remind myself that NO ONE WILL DIE if I don’t get everything done or forget things or have to work when I’m away.

It’s ok.  I am safe.  All is well.

Love my walk.

It’s sunny.  No wind. It’s cold. My favourite season round my favourite walk with my favourite dog.

Life is good.  

Came back felt blooming amazing.  Smiling.  Was nice to my husband.  Win!

Makes me think – thank the universe I do this work and I can coach myself out of this.

Realised that so much of my work with my clients is this – coaching them to do what brings them joy – move away from the anxiety, the striving, the doing, the conditioning and into the being.

I need to spread this message today – GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY.


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Much love, Tricia xxxx 

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