Are your decisions helpful or questionable?

Summer 2021 – the summer i got a new hobby – camping!

One of the things I recognised with camping was the importance of getting the basics right and investing in the right ‘stuff’.

I’ve tried camping before using a ground mat in a small tent and literally getting no sleep, waking up freezing and a very bad back with sore hips.

I’ve now invested in a luxury inflatable mattress, a very warm double sleeping bag for me and my toddler, two good sized tents you can stand up in which means we get space from the big kids and a brilliant gazebo for outside eating and socialising in all weathers. 

What’s that’s meant is that it’s an ENJOYABLE experience in all weathers and one I literally would do each weekend.  

It got me thinking about motherhood and how much discomfort we put ourselves through because how much we struggle with investment and investment in ourselves.

I know this has been an issue for myself but also for most of my clients is that discomfort.

Yet, that investment whether time, energy or financial is what changes everything.

It’s the decisions you make about what’s important.

Such as:

Helpful decision 

Questionable decision 

Gym membership

Monthly phone contract 

Personal development book 

New top 


Meal out 

Online course 

Scrolling social media


High-end cosmetics 


Weekly take away

Coaching or Therapy 

New phone

Meditation app

Take away coffee 

I’m not making judgements because I love getting a nice coffee or a regular take away or a meal out.

Whether popular or unpopular, I feel so many decisions are because of what’s socially acceptable – it’s socially acceptable for women to fit into societal norms of focussing on looking good (clothes, make up) or having the latest iPhone or drinks out with friends. It’s not acceptable, however, to have a cleaner/laundry service or access a coach or have a monthly massage.  Those things are seen as luxuries or things you should feel guilty for.

Yet what if we turned everything on it’s head and realised that by making those ‘helpful’ decisions over ‘questionable’ (not sure that’s right terminology) decisions it would change everything for you and your families? 

I’m thinking about a client I worked with recently who hadn’t applied for a job in 16 years because she was so anxious.  Since we’ve finished working together she’s applied for 4 jobs and got 4 new jobs… (some of which she turned down) and she’s now looking to increase her skills in her area through a specialist course which ties into the work we did together.  That investment (that helpful decision) working with an anxiety coach literally changed her life (in her words).

I’m thinking about all the clients I’ve supported this year with birth and perinatal trauma (and there have been more than ever due to covid) who made that helpful decision to invest in trauma support meaning that they feel physically and mentally relieved of their experiences and enjoying motherhood/parenthood again (and again another client said – that was life changing).

I’m thinking about the clients who have come with general anxiety, health anxiety, perinatal anxiety who have woken up each day feeling dread and panic and irrational rage who are now anxiety free because they’ve made a helpful decision (again another client said it changed her life).

I’m thinking about the clients who have healed their childhood trauma and experiences meaning those experiences have no impact on them (again another client said that the anxiety programme literally changed her).

That investment… that helpful decision… is life changing yet so many of you (and me) at times can feel so anxious about making it because what if it doesn’t work or it’s a waste or should be using that money for something else – it’s bad to invest in something for you.  

Yet what if that investment, like my luxury mattress, meant great sleep, waking up feeling refreshed and a life full of fun and freedom and confidence to try all the things you wanted to?

I’d love you to think about your week to week and what you invest in – what ‘helpful decisions’ can you make that would help you to live life the way you want to?   You can start – right now – making a decision to spend TIME supporting yourself with these free resources.

Much love, Tricia xxx

Free Resources

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