Habits – the key to changing you

On Friday my husband announced to all the kids – Mum’s right – we should all be journalling (he read a Harvard study). 

No shit batman. 

One of my favourite books is Atomic Habits by James Clear (he does a brilliant regular weekly email which you should sign up for to).  

His approach is that small everyday habits are what creates change and that those changes shape your identity.

I’m always really fascinated by identity and anxiety.

When you think about an anxious person and a calm person – they have completely different habits.  

Journaling is ONE of my DAILY habits which stops anxiety because it allows me to process all my crazy thoughts.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list to exemplify…..

Calm Habit

Anxious Habit

Drinking water 

Drinking coffee 

Eating well 

Stuffing in the biscuits or sandwich in two mins flat 

Making time for – Journaling/EFT/Meditation/ Mindfulness/Reading 

Cramming in too much 

Focussed and realistic action – achievable goal setting 

Making your to do list a full time job

Dividing and delegating chores appropriately

Believing no one else is capable of doing your jobs or feeling scared to ask

Seeking help/creating short cuts – cleaner, online shopping, childcare 

Doing all the jobs or feeling guilty about asking for help


Scrolling on social media

Having less things


Being in the moment 

Always planning 

Getting comfortable with ‘good enough’


Being able to see the bigger picture 

Focussing on the minutia 

Simplifying life 

Overcomplicating things 

I want you though to think about very clearly – what habits are you doing TODAY which don’t support the identity that you want.

If you want a ‘calm identity’ – what habits can you instil that will support you?

Check out my free resources library and today change your thinking.

Much love, Tricia xxx

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