Think you cannot do something because “it’s just not who you are”? Think again.

Have any of you seen Loki?


As a mum to three pre-teens, Loki/any Marvel production is a must so it’s been the latest series we’ve watched together.


A very quick and over simplified summary – basically events happens which creates new variants of Loki (a marvel character) on different timelines and they then create a new life pathway.


At one point… and I don’t think I’m breaking any storylines here… Loki is asked by the female variant of himself (Sylvie) to do a charm with him… he says… I don’t know know how… and she says yes you do… we are all the same.


And that’s the thing is we often forget.


We are all the same.


All of you reading this are born with the same blueprint.


Yet your life experiences have shaped you into believing what you are capable of.


Or conditions you to what beliefs you have about the world and the way things are.


So basically Michelle Obama (one of the people I most admire) and myself have the same blueprint – we are the same but different variants.  The difference is we had two different life experiences which has put us on two different paths but we both have the same basic blueprint.  


I had a message the other day from a person on instagram saying that if they weren’t feeling anxious they’d be able to speak openly and freely and that their lack of confidence was what stopped them doing that.


They had this belief that they’d never be confident.


Here’s the thing.


Confidence is a muscle that needs building.  


Think about the original blueprint that you were born with.


For whatever reason, some people will have had the confidence muscle built up over time and others won’t.


Yet there is nothing stopping you NOW building up the confidence muscle because that original blueprint is still there, you only need to get started.


What can often happen with something such as confidence is people decide they’re going to be confident – go into a huge situation (think public speaking in front of 200 people) and suddenly everything falls apart and then they go back to the beginning and believe they’re not confident.


It’s the every day daily practises which change you.


So if you’d like to be more confident… what one SMALL action could do today? What slightly less small action could you do tomorrow? And then day after… and slowly build up the confidence to where speaking in front of 200 people doesn’t scare you. 


It’s the same with any aspect of your life.


Relaxing, being calm, feeling patient, rational thinking, coping with any situation, mindset, strength (physical and emotional), financial stability, self-esteem… etc 


It’s the getting unstuck from the belief that you can’t do it, that it’s not part of your identity and that it’s in your blueprint that you can do or be whatever you want to be (maybe not be married to Barrack but you get the drift).


I’d love to know – if you weren’t anxious – what would the difference be to your life? What would you be doing less of and more of?


Much love, Tricia x 

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