3 Ways to Manage Catastrophic Thinking

Today’s been tough.  

I can feel all sorts of catastrophic thinking today about various things. I understand why I feel that way.  I honour all the feelings I have.

My head, however, being full of thoughts isn’t helpful for me nor anyone else.  It makes me cranky to be around, unable to be present and not very good at my job.  

Here’s how I manage catastrophic thoughts:

  1. Am I dealing here with fact or fiction?  Because fiction isn’t manageable or anything you can do something about.  When you have FACTS then you can do something concrete.  Right now – it’s all fiction.  When it’s FACTS, I’ll be able to focus on it and work out what to do.  
  2. Worst case scenario planning.  What’s the worst case scenario that would happen? And if it did – what would that mean?  Yes I might find it hard but I’d cope and get through it.
  3. I take myself in my minds eye up to the sky and look down on the world and I see how my ‘fiction’ is a small speck of dust in the world where such awful things are happening.

I have other approaches I use too but today this was the right ‘recipe’ for me.

Life is all about mindset.

I don’t believe in a positive mindset where you start telling yourself the opposite of what you feel – like ‘All is well’, ‘I am calm’, ‘This won’t happen’.  I’m sure if you try that it’s never worked because it doesn’t.  

I do believe strongly in having a resilient mindset that knows whatever life throws at you, you can cope.  Maybe it’s like a ‘confident’ mindset – confidence in managing everything right now and in the future.  

It’s what I support my clients to learn but I also teach my clients in all my programmes.  

If you’d like to start today and change your thinking – take a look at all my free resources and get started RIGHT NOW.

Much love, Tricia 

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