Feeling stuck? This can help

I was working with a client today and what came up in her session was this feeling of being stuck.

This comes up a lot with my clients – this feeling of being hopeless and stuck and being unable to see a solution.

The more you stay stuck, the bigger and harder it becomes to take the first step forward.

Feeling helpless makes you anxious.  

It makes you feel like a victim and there’s no solution.

In fact, you can’t see solutions as you are frozen by fear (which is exactly why my client today said – “I feel frozen” – I hear this a lot).  

And in truth many of my clients when they come to see me often feel quite victimised in some way or another. 

To get unstuck – this can be helpful:

  • Validating all the feelings you have about the situation – what feelings are you experiencing? Anger, sadness, injustice, grief, despair, fear, envy or whatever else it might be.  
  • Getting super clear on what the fears are – what are you truly scared of? Getting found out? Judged? Upsetting someone? Being seen? Something else?
  • What are the stories your brain is creating about this situation? What’s the truth behind these stories?
  • What plans can you put in place to conquer this fear? Look at the solutions and practical steps forward.
  • What would you say to a friend or a someone else in your situation?
  • What evidence do you have that you’ve coped with worse?

If you’d like my help to get you unstuck – you can start today by accessing any one of my free resources.

Much love, Tricia xxx 

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