What helps me when I'm at a tipping point | Tricia Murray

What helps me when I’m at a tipping point

I think right now everyone feels at tipping point and I get it. There is so much going on. You don’t need me to list it out.

I am not immune to what’s going on right now.

Here’s some things that are helping me:

  1. Allowing myself to feel all my feelings – feeling into them, honouring them. I use both journalling and EFT each and every day as well as engaging with the compassionate voice within me 
  2. Boundaries between work, home, kids and phone (yes that’s another ‘job’)
  3. Setting expectations of myself and also giving expectations to others about how I can help them
  4. Saying no or nothing at all rather than jumping into volunteer
  5. Asking for help from anyone who will help me and not feeling guilty about it
  6. Focussing on what I can control – my sleep, how rested I am, eating and drinking well, meditation, getting out in nature (thank you puppy for making walk every day), being out in the light, my attitude 
  7. Making time for myself
  8. Simplifying everything as much as I can 
  9. Not drinking alcohol (generally) 
  10. Connecting with my inner wise woman – what would my 80 year old tell me about right now
  11. Realising how small my issues are in the scheme of the world problems
  12. Practising gratitude and appreciation however small
  13. Laughing and laughing even more
  14. Staying focussed on what brings me joy and makes me happy such as my work, writing, creating, thinking, reading and my passion projects (I’ve recently been calling these ‘purpose hours’ and encouraging my clients to think about their purpose)
  15. Meeting friends for walks and coffees
  16. Thinking about watching Schitts Creek all of next week again in my pjs

I hope this helps you – maybe write down what could help you over the next week.

I can help you directly shift your thinking through my free resources.

Much love, Tricia xxxx