Is your striver over active?

I’ve been recovering from covid this week and it’s brought up a lot for me. My old friend the striver came back.

Most (actually ALL) of the clients I work with have ‘over active’ strivers – you know that CONSTANT noise in your head. The strive for perfection in every area of your life.

Whether it’s…. 

…. how you look

…. how your house/car/garden looks

….. how your career is going

….. your circle of friends

…. what kind of wife/partner/daughter/sister/cousin you are

…. what type of parent you are

…. what you eat 

…. what training/exercise you do

…. how often you sea swim

…. what types of holidays you go on

It’s that striving for the perfect.

It’s like an image in your head about how life SHOULD look.

And then the disappointment that life doesn’t look that way right now. Like you’re some sort of failure. That you’re bad. That’s what that anxious feeling is that you get in your stomach or chest.

The thing is that image is based on your BELIEF system – ie how you’re programmed.  No one knows if it’s right or wrong and everyone’s image is different.

This covid recovery has not been plain sailing for me. I’m on day 16… my lungs still burn, I’ve got a hacking cough, I feel like I’ve drunk too much coffee, I’ve got this foul taste in my mouth and I could literally sleep until 2023 (maybe even 2024!).

Yet I can feel the striver in me… you should be doing more, you should be going to the beach with the kids and going for a swim, you should be entertaining your kids/dog more, you should be meal prepping, you should be taking this opportunity to declutter your house, you should be doing more in your business, you should be cleaning the house (which hasn’t been touched now for 18 days), you should be…

You get it as I’m sure you have this striver too – right?

What stops my striver?


The tools, habits, mindset and compassion I use and teach my clients to use each and every day, as well as in my  programmes.


Want to get started now?


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Much love, Tricia xxx

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