One of the tools in my vast toolkit that changed everything for me

How are you? So much going on isn’t there?

I bumped into a friend/colleague/another therapist on Saturday morning. Both of us agreed this feeling right now with everything going on and still recovering from two years in a pandemic this month is hard.

My friend and I are lucky – we have tools to manage everything that’s going on.

We are able to engage ways to manage it – most of the time anyhow – we are human after all.

One of the tools in my vast toolkit that I am very passionate about using and teaching is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping).

I came across EFT when I was weaning myself off anti depressants way back in 2013.

No one tells you how hard coming off medication is and the impact it has.

I went back to see my own CBT therapist as I literally could feel all those horrible intrusive thoughts and rage returning, but a friend gave me this book about tapping and everything changed.

Tapping literally changed my life. Suddenly I had a tool, I could use ON MY OWN, when everything got too much.

The reason, for me, EFT is one of the key tools to use is that it works directly with the nervous system AND the thoughts AT THE SAME TIME.

The thing with a lot of traditional talk therapies is that they work with your thoughts.

Yet when you’re in flight or fight – you can access those thoughts rationally because your nervous system is activated (ie fight or flight or freeze).

EFT/Tapping works directly with your nervous system as the tapping itself helps to regulate the nervous system so you can engage your rational brain and then access your thoughts.

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Much love, Tricia xxx

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