What if, what you’re feeling is a sane reaction to an insane situation?

In the last week I’ve spoken to and come across so many people who are really struggling with everything they are feeling and experiencing.

I’ve had so many emails about trauma, anxiety and how it’s impacting you and your life.

Often you might feel broken, unfixable, that nothing might work. In fact, most of my clients come to me feeling exactly that.

Today I just finished working with someone who didn’t ever believe things could be different or change. And yet, 3 months of working intensely together, everything is different.

Here’s what I keep thinking – as women/humans/people, the amount of pressure that’s put on from various situations, experiences, expectations is unmanageable.

That maybe it is NOT surprising that you feel the way that you do.

That maybe what you’re feeling is a SANE and PROTECTIVE reaction to an insane situation.

How about if instead of thinking there’s something ‘wrong with you’, you might start thinking ‘there’s something right with you’ that your brain is looking after you either by going into ‘over protection’ (ie hyper vigilance so it protects you from threat) or ‘shutting down’ (ie numb/disassociation/brain fog).

Yes, maybe the impact on your life is utter shit. Maybe you want to be ‘doing’, ‘striving’, ‘achieving’. But maybe doing those things in the way that you are without deep rest, a break, restoration are literally too much for you.

I did a masterclass last year which talks about capacity and I have literally shared it so often in the last week so I thought it might help you.  You can find it under my free resources

Much love, Tricia xxx 

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