It starts with a simple question – who do you want to BE, and what do you need to DO?

Habits! Yes we all know about eating healthier, journaling, exercise…. Not exactly rocket science, NOR appealing!

I get it. I loathe routine, anything that feels like discipline or sounds BORING AF.

Yet, if you’re reading this and you are fed up feeling frazzled, anxious, overwhelmed and just completely and utterly stuck and suffocated…

Then you have a choice to make.

Either choose to CONTINUE being stuck in habits of scrolling, procrastination, indecision, not making time, having no fun…

Or you can CHOOSE to create habits based on who it is you want to be….

Working with habits doesn’t mean running 5km or only eating raw food.

Nor does everyone need to have the same habits.

It starts with a SIMPLE question – who is it you want to BE and what do you need to DO to become that person?

It’s a VERY simple model and a question you can ask yourself each and every day.

For some it might be that you want to be fun or productive or motivated… what habits would help you with that?

For others it might be that you want to be calm, happy, fulfilled – what are the habits that will help you to achieve that?

And then how can you integrate these habits into you life? How can you make these part of you?

If you’re ready to get unstuck – access my FREE Workshop – Get Unstuck: Change Your Habits – Change Your Life.

Have a great week.

Tricia xxxx

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