What are strivers and how might they show up in your life?

I’ve been talking a WHOLE load recently about ‘strivers’ and someone asked me the other day – what are they?

Great question.

Strivers are the parts of you that push you forward in different ways.

They are the parts of you that motivate you to exercise/meditate, apply for that promotion, start/build your company, fight the government (I’m looking at you directly today Boris), look after yourself, book your kids into activities, care about the environment, tidy your home etc.

They are parts of you that GET STUFF DONE.

They are helpful parts of you.

Sometimes, however, strivers get “burdened” and move into more protective roles.

This means they still want to want what’s best for you, but not in a way that’s helpful.

Such as:

  • Avoidance
  • Procrastination
  • Frozen
  • Over-control/planning
  • Anxiety
  • Panic
  • Self sabotage
  • Numb out

Sometimes these are referred to as emotional blocks.

These ‘burdened’ strivers often have core beliefs at the heart of them, such as “I am not good enough/worthy/lovable/accepted” etc.

They often will make you focus on and over-magnify the things that aren’t really that important such as:

  • The state of your home
  • A friend not texting you back/someone unfriending you on facebook
  • Spending an extra £10 on a hoover
  • Choosing the best skincare cream/holiday/way to get to…/cardigan
  • Replying to messages instantly/phone scrolling
  • That you’re not good enough at your job (imposter syndrome)
  • Stop you doing what you know you need to do to develop your business
  • Length of your to-do list
  • Fix/caretake everyone else
  • Constantly refresh the news to see if Boris Johnson is still there
  • And loads more….

And stop you focussing on the things that really matter:

  • Your health/wellbeing
  • Your family/relationships
  • Your fulfilment (career, hobbies, interests)
  • And anything else which is REALLY important to you – environment, human rights, politics, spirituality

The result of working with strivers to move them from ‘burdened’ to “healthy” means you move on in life without the constant head clutter and noise and succeed with calm and ease because you’re focussed on what’s important.

This is what I do with my clients.

If you’d like help and would be interested in working with me – book in a free call here.

Much love, Tricia xxx

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