Simple strategies to regain your life and feel more energised

I recently finished working with a client. Let’s call her Joy. 

She came to see me as she was so overcome by anxiety.

She was emotionally and physically exhausted. 

So much so, it stopped her from having the fun she craved in her life and left her feeling like she had nothing left to give.

She was busy meeting the needs of everyone else. 

Often people will come to me with feelings of exhaustion, fatigue, depletion.

And there’s lots of reasons why that might be the case.

Some are caused by the anxiety, stress and overwhelm itself and some are medical (such as thyroid, hormone function, clinical depression, diabetes etc).

We addressed the following areas:

Work – Joy felt her employers were SO lovely and SO understanding that she didn’t have boundaries about when she was replying to messages, going to the office and jumping at her employers every whim. One step was to set boundaries between home and work. 

Kids – Joy set no boundaries with her kids so her they would ask her to look at/do something and she would do it even though she was in the middle of trying to get ready for leaving the house or dinner. Establishing gentle boundaries allowed her to stay focussed and get stuff done quickly whilst also giving her kids their full attention when ready (and not shouting at her kids!).

Fun – Joy wasn’t having enough fun in her life or enough time to enjoy being outside, which was what she wanted. Our work helped her to integrate walks and do projects and activities that made her happy.

Alcohol – Joy realised alcohol was having a big impact on her life and how she felt so we addressed her relationship with alcohol. 

Family – Joy was spending all her time worrying about issues with her wider family, but so much of it was out with her control so I helped her focus on what SHE could control.

To-do list – Joy was like a slave to her to do list and felt burdened and weighed down by how much she had to do so I helped her get clear how to work strategically with her to do list. 

Getting in tune with her cycle – Joy had no idea about how her needs fluctuated in her cycle so I asked her to track her periods.

Result? Happier Joy who finally got unstuck and the knot in her stomach released and her energy returned. 

None of this is rocket science.

There are simple strategies to regain your life meaning you can still achieve and succeed.

YET there’s so many reasons why, whilst you KNOW this, you’ll struggle to DO or implement this because of the internal belief systems that block you from creating change.   

What will people think of you if you:

  • Set boundaries?
  • Don’t meet your kids demands right away?
  • Choose fun over ‘jobs’?
  • Are boring because you don’t drink wine?
  • Don’t get involved in the family dramas?
  • Aren’t always busy doing jobs?
  • Stop believing you are the same day every day of your cycle?

I’ve put together a workbook for you which looks at 7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Energy.

If you know now is the time to get the help you so need, then you can book in a free 20 minute clarity call call here.

Much love, Tricia xxx

Free Workbook – 7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Energy

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