Why words are so powerful

Words are powerful.

They stick.

Yet many of you (maybe all of you) use words all the time in a way that doesn’t give you power.

I know many of you get stuck in narratives such as:

  • I don’t have time
  • It’s all my fault
  • This isn’t fair
  • I can’t cope
  • I’m so fed up with

Yet these narratives that you live your life by end up being your go to and leave you being the victim.

Imagine how different it would be if you had a belief that:

  • You were strong
  • You were capable
  • You would always cope
  • You were worthy
  • You were deserving

Can you see if you had those beliefs, how life would feel different? How your mindset would mean how you go about your day to day tasks in a completely different way?

I work with a lot of women with anxiety, rage, exhaustion, overwhelm and who are just literally exhausted and surviving.

Yet often that is a result of the situation you are in.

  • You don’t think it’s safe to place boundaries.
  • You don’t think it’s safe to meet your needs.
  • You don’t think it’s safe to ask for help.
  • You don’t think it’s safe to make your own choices and decisions.

Meaning you’re stuck and remain a victim in your situation.

A lot of the work I do is there. Is the beliefs that are holding you back from really making those choices that change your perception, reality and life.

If you’re finding yourself under a specific narrative – then I’d get clear – what is the belief underpinning it.

Here’s some illustrations…. 

  • I don’t have time…. might be…. I’m not worthy of making time
  • It’s all my fault… might be… I believe I’m not good enough
  • This isn’t fair… might be…. I’m not worthy of asking for help/placing boundaries
  • I can’t cope…. might be… I believe I’m not capable
  • I’m so fed up with…. might be…. I believe I’m not deserving of meeting my needs 

And once you know that – you can then start working with a new set of beliefs.

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Much love, Tricia xxx

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