Want permanent change? Here’s what might help you

I hope you’re doing well and having an epic summer.

I’m currently on extended summer break back in my other home in my village in Italy, Picinisco. I’m taking a break from client facing work for the first time in a few years although going to spend some time letting my brain wander and do what it likes to do. It’s much needed by all of us.

I’ve been thinking A LOT recently about continuity for the clients I’ve just finished with.

Before I do – I think it’s helpful to hear some of the general and specific results from some of my clients recently:

  • Stopping panic attacks through compassion, empathy and reminding themselves they are safe
  • Having the headspace to read books/watch tv series
  • Improved money mindset in their life and business
  • Feeling lighter emotionally in their body
  • Going sea swimming and booking camping trips even though they have never done this before, but being outside is what makes them feel alive
  • Reduction in OCD behaviours
  • Being confident in making time for them and establishing boundaries
  • Applying for/getting new jobs
  • Dealing with stressful family situations (kids and adults)
  • Becoming visible in their business
  • Rocking social situations – whether weddings, nights out or anything else
  • Developing and delivering training to coaching clients
  • Waking up without a knot in their stomach
  • Setting boundaries at work and feeling great about it
  • Feeling connected to their children
  • Starting up a new business/thinking about change of career
  • Going on a huge holiday/family meet up and managing it all with ease
  • Not going to the GP for 80+ days with any health related illness (this was a move from regular GP visits)
  • Believing they are worth it
  • Having more sex with their partner
  • Leaving toxic friendships/facebook groups

These results have been a mixture of the SOAR/VIP/Perinatal Trauma

I could go on. These were just some of the things that came into my head without looking through my notes (as I don’t have them with me). And I apologise if I’ve missed some big change out to all my amazing clients!

As I come to the end of of working with these clients – I wanted to share some thoughts.

Working on your emotional wellbeing is similar to your physical wellbeing.

The work I do with a client is similar to that of a personal trainer. I am there coaching you, cheerleading you and CELEBRATING all your wins, progress and achievements.

If you want physical change in your body – you know there’s no quick fix. THE SAME IS TRUE FOR YOUR EMOTIONAL WELLNESS.

Yes, you can heal trauma and release unhelpful beliefs, which helps massively and helps you to feel lighter and more able as there’s less to burden you.

You need, however, to do the consistent work to get the consistent outcomes and keep the momentum going forward.

Lets say, for example, I got a personal trainer…. That might mean for the programme of work we did together – I’d be getting fitter/stronger etc.

If, however, after our work together, I STOPPED exercising, I wouldn’t continue to see the same results.

The same is true if I got a programme off the internet – how do I know it’s the right programme for me? Meditation is one of the first things given out for anxiety. Yet in my experience, meditation is often the thing that makes many people feel more anxious and broken because they feel they just can’t do it. CBT is also often the go to, yet I don’t think CBT is right for everyone either, especially for those with complex backgrounds.

One of the reasons I do long term programmes over 90 days is because what I like to do is not only coach you, but EDUCATE you so you understand what’s going on so you can continue to do the work you need to do once we’ve finished working together. I share specific tools that might help YOU such as compassion, using the body, journaling, EFT, slowing down the nervous system, boundaries, self care, reducing stress, increasing capacity, beliefs etc.

It’s these habits, education and the continuous “work outs” (even if it’s just looking inwards and enlisting a compassionate voice) where you see the long-term shift.

You, however, are the only person that can keep up this work.

For me, everything changed when I went from expecting others to fix me, to taking responsibility for my own wellness after I finished working with my own therapist. I still go for regular healing/coaching sessions when things come up that I’m stuck with and that is normal and healthy to realise this. I, however, have a NUMBER of habits which help me.

Thinking about some of my favourite self-help ‘gurus’ – Gabby Bernstein, Jay Shetty, Karen Brody, Oprah, Tara Mhor, Tara Brach, Peta Stapleton… they ALL have a regular practice of journaling, EFT, meditation, mindfulness etc. They know that to continue to see progress and momentum – they need to keep on ‘working out’. That you can’t have permanent change without this.

If you want permanent change – you need to create permanent change in your life.

If you are looking to get help, please do get in touch!

From September, I’m starting up a new branch of work supporting coaches, healers, counsellors, therapists etc to grow their practice with ease.

Much love, Tricia xxx

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