“I’m done” – then what?

I read this on a meme this week:


“I’m done, I’m sick of this sh*t”


“She was, in fact, not done and went on to tolerate this sh*t a further 27,000 times”

(Author unknown)


I read this meme last week and yikes – it so resonated!

How many times have you said something similar?

And then… woken up the next day and done nothing about it?

How long is long enough until you’ve really had enough?

  • When you’ve said – “enough”?
  • When you’re consumed and completely self absorbed in your thoughts?
  • When your sleep is interrupted?
  • When you become manic?
  • When you’re in tears/shouting/shutting down daily?
  • When you don’t want to be here anymore or run away?
  • When you think about seeing the doctor?
  • When you stop seeing your friends?
  • When you get to the fetal position in bed?
  • When you can’t work or parent?
  • When you start on antidepressants? (Please note I believe medication can be helpful for some)

What I’m detailing above is what I believe some of the STEPS are in the emotional journey to a breakdown. Because there are steps. You don’t just end up on the floor (except in the case of trauma).

I often work with people all the way from the tears/shouting through to the non-functioning.

We’ve all read those quotes: if you don’t rest… your body will choose to rest for you. And it will. There’s only so long it can tolerate being in a state of stress, overwhelm, anxiety and hypervigilance.

I’ve been on the other side of that 10 years ago when I couldn’t get out of bed. I recognise this is exactly what happened to me.

Yet often when people come to me in REAL pain, you’re in final steps.

The result is a longer path back to wellness, which is hard, frustrating, painful and really impacts your self esteem.

So let me ask you again – how long is long enough? If you believe today is the time and you’d like to investigate help, please get in touch.

Much love, Tricia xxx

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