There’s no “one” thing that will help you

I get loads of emails from others in the industry.

This week I got activated.

I was told that the way to “success” would be following ONE thing approach.

If you want success – do this ONE thing.

Yet here’s what I’ve learned.

There is no one thing that helps me.

And no ONE thing that helps you.

It’s a mixture of things on a mixture of days.

You might be lucky. One day it’s the right mixture on the right day.

Sometimes I hear something on a podcast and I get some insight or knowledge or approach that really helps my world. Some days I listen to a podcast and I think same old shit and get frustrated with the whole wellness and coaching industry.

Some days I find journaling is really helpful. Some days I just cannot be arsed.

Sometimes I need a coaching session and it’s outstanding and it lasts with me for months. Other times it doesn’t touch the side.

Sometimes I need a walk on a beach with a trusted friend. Sometimes I need to be on my own.

Other times I find going for yoga helps to still my mind. Other times a yoga class just makes me realise how much my mind is spinning and I get frustrated and angry with myself and feel ashamed that I’m feeling like this again.

Some days I wake up feeling amazing. Other days l wake up feeling like shit. There is no one thing that magically solves it.

Sometimes being on my own is the only thing I need. Sometimes being on my own is painful.

Some days I’m able to be compassionate and kind and wise. Other days I cry like a toddler and can feel an old wound being activated.

What does help me is knowing that all of this is normal. All of this is the same with me and you. Everything.

When a client comes for sessions – I share stories. Not because I want to talk about myself. I want to provide comfort and remove the shame and ‘it’s only me that shouts at my kids’ or ‘it’s only me that literally wants to run away from everything’ and know it’s all of us that have hard days and patches. Everything you are feeling is well within the ‘normal’ range. We just don’t talk about it.

Shame and the feeling that it’s because there’s something wrong with you because you’re not doing the ONE thing is what’s wrong with so much of the coaching world.

There’s a reason why some days you can’t magically be positive or get on with it or be ‘high vibe’. And that’s ok.

Here’s my ONE bit of advice – chalk it up on those days as just days where the mixture is wrong – not because you haven’t done the ONE magical thing.

There is a difference, however, if day after day, week after week you are looping and stuck in a cycle of distress.

What I mean by that is day after day you wake up:

  • Feeling enraged with the world or your kids or your partner and you literally flip your lid at the most ridiculous things
  • Are teary all the time and just the thought of anything makes you burst into tears
  • Feeling consistently anxious and on edge or hypervigilant
  • Have sleep issues such as sleep too much or can’t sleep
  • Want to run away or hide under your duvet until it’s all over
  • Have a constant knot in your stomach or feeling panicky all the time or experiencing full blown panic attacks
  • Are just fed up feeling this way – literally exhausted by your thinking
  • You feel completely stuck and like there’s no way out

And that is when proper support can be helpful.

There’s lots of things that might help you. I offer a 90 day programme that might be one of the things that might help you. I’d love to help you get unstuck. If you want to find out if we are a good fit book in a call below.

Much love, Tricia xxx

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