Trying to maintain balance in your life is like playing Jenga

Energy is tough right now.  

For so many reasons right – the change of the light, body wanting to rest and move into hibernation, yet this time of year gets busier and busier.

Last night at our group coaching session for Motherhood Unloaded, already Christmas was a huge part of the discussion and I’m sure it’s probably somewhere on your radar too.

And what the hell is happening with our government/leaders/economy/energy/cost of living crisis and so much more.

Added into that all the usual everyday struggles that we have to constantly adjust, reset, prioritise, change and be flexible with.

What we’re all coping with is uncertainty.

The unknown.

It’s been something that we’ve been dealing with since March 2020.

This means that our nervous system is constantly under pressure and it influences our thinking patterns, thoughts and feelings.

How does the brain plan for the unknown?

By consistently looking at the worst case scenario… catastrophising…. over-planning…. over-thinking.

Or my favourite….. an amazing mixture of avoidance, procrastination and zoning out.

I’ve been juggling more than normal the last couple of weeks for various reasons.

I can feel my brain flitting between avoiding and over-planning.

This morning, I was so overly grumpy and snappy, which I hate. It makes me feel like a shit mum when I know I’m not.

Driving back from school – I reflected – this is because I’m playing jenga at the moment with all the things in my life as there’s so much uncertainty, but also so many different blocks I’m holding.

Many of these blocks feel like they are in danger of tumbling at any moment in time.

The unknown and the juggle is creating this feeling in my life.

I know I’m not alone.

Right now we are all dealing the jenga.

All these moving and carefully balanced blocks. Some more wobbly than others.

And it’s likely to be giving you all the feels too.

From the constant whirring thoughts.

To the exhaustion.

To the shouting and rage.

To the procrastination and indecision.

To the catastrophising.

What helps the Jenga?

Focussing in on controlling the blocks you can and are within your power, rather than the blocks that aren’t – this might look like looking after you, sleep, nutrition, time doing things that help, boundaries, reducing phone use, time blocking, prioritising and getting organised on things you can

Remembering even when the blocks tumble – how skilled you are at pulling them back together – we’ve all been through tough times – remember 5/10/100 times that everything fell apart and you managed to get everything put together

Knowing that a different pattern or block formation to what you started with is all ok and might be even better – what times in your life have things changed and at the time you couldn’t understand it but then were like – ah if I’d got that job I wouldn’t now be doing this amazing job, or have this fantastic house or this relationship if I had….

Assuring yourself it’s the fear of the blocks tumbling is worse than the tumble – once that happens you’re ok – you are much much much stronger than you think – humans are amazing at coping with anything that happens – it’s the fear that you can’t

It’s easier to manage less blocks – it’s ok to lose some – where can you do less, take on less, have less to manage

If you’re struggling keeping all the jenga blocks together, I have a 90 day programme, Thrive, to get you from stuck and helpless to fulfilled and thriving. I have space to start with three new clients from November. Get in touch to find out if this might be a good fit for you.

Much love, Tricia xx

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