Let’s talk about rage

I know right now, for many (not all!), that energy is universally a struggle. I want you to know that this too will pass and just like at any other point in our collective history you are stronger and more capable than you think.

I’m really busy at the moment with clients working generally on rage, anxiety, energy, stress and overwhelm and seeing some amazing breakthroughs through trauma healing, belief clearing and anxiety release work. I’ve recently signed up to doing Belief Coding®️training, which I cannot wait to integrate into my sessions as the results I’m seeing right now personally are phenomenal. I have never experienced such rapid transformation.  

I wanted to share something that’s been coming up a lot recently.

And the shame and stigma surrounding it.

The number one reason people choose to work with me isn’t anxiety.

It’s a symptom of anxiety.


Here’s what I know about rage.

Rage doesn’t arrive because you choose it.

You don’t just wake up and think do you know what – I cannot wait today to terrorise my kids or fall out with my partner.

It arrives because something else is going on in your inner world.

Likely to be:

A belief being activated: “this isn’t fair”, “no one else ever understands”, “why can everyone else manage”, “what will others think” (ie judgement), “I need the house/kids clothes to be clean”, “I’m so…..”

A need not being met: “I have no time/fun/life”, “I’m so exhausted”

A trauma response: “fuck this shit” or “shit” or checking social media obsessively (generally a flight, fight, freeze response)

What do all of these have in common?

They are emotional pain and your system is in distress.

All of this happens in micro seconds by the subconscious (ie you lose your shit in under 2 seconds flat – this is the subconscious brain kicking in with a fear response).

When you have a rage response, for example, it’s not that you are a bad person (I want any shame here removed immediately), it’s that you are in emotional pain.

And that’s the thing with anxiety, stress or overwhelm – for many it doesn’t always present as panic attacks or insomnia.

Sometimes it presents in other ways such as rage, wanting to continuously run away, being passive aggressive, numbing out on your phone, getting angry about the world but not really dealing with your current situation, big emotions such as crying regularly or going about your life with this knot in your stomach.

The impact of these are on a spectrum. For some, it might happen on an adhoc basis and be or feel very manageable.

For others the impact is huge such as relationship breakdowns, terrorising your children or partner, emotional eating/spending/drinking, not looking after yourself enough, insomnia, not seeing your friends, obsessing over the tiniest of details.

If right now, the impact of how you are feeling is on the more severe end of the spectrum, and you would like help, then get in touch and we can find out if there’s ways I can help you.

Much love, Tricia xxx

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