Which one are you?

I was sharing this with a client last week and I wanted to talk to you about Neuroception.

Neuroception is how to take in information around you, process it, make it to mean something and then there might be a reaction.

Here’s some examples:

Example 1:

The kitchen is a mess. There’s dishes everywhere, milk left out, crumbs on the worktop, there’s papers everywhere, bits of toys all over the floor.

Person A walks in and loses it and rage cleans it.

Person B walks in calmly, shrugs and might decide to clean it or may do it later.

Which one are you?

Example 2:

Your pals have organised a night out. You’re having a break from alcohol. There’s cocktails, karaoke, dancing and likely people you don’t know also coming.

Person A doesn’t go as she’s got this dread in her stomach because no one will understand her and she believes everyone will judge her for not drinking and especially people she doesn’t know.

Person B can’t wait to go and doesn’t give a shit if people judge her for being sober. She can’t wait to sing her heart out and put her dancing shoes on.

Which one are you?

Example 3:

Work is super busy. You’re short staffed. There’s yet another big client project to do. The work is piling on. Your partner also works full time. You have 3 kids and life is full on.

Person A keeps taking on the work, works long hours and weekends, can’t sleep as she’s so stressed and overwhelmed, drinks too much coffee and wine and ends up shouting at her kids and partner (but not her boss interestingly) and bursting into floods of tears.

Person B sets clear boundaries around her role, prioritises, sets expectations, leaves work on time, focusses in on her wellbeing knowing she performs best when she’s well slept and exercised and nourished, has conversations with her partner, gets in extra help at home so she’s focussed on her kids in the time she has.

Which one are you?

In each of these scenarios… the difference between Person A and Person B… isn’t the situation… it’s their mindset about the situation.

What is mindset? Mindset is the set of rules and beliefs you have, which interpret information.

What creates rules and beliefs? What’s happened in your life/experiences/trauma.

And because it’s what’s happened in your life and it’s not hard wired…. That means you can re-wire your brain to PERCEIVE information differently so your NEUROCEPTION is altered to how you want it to be.

If 2022 has been a tough year and you want 2023 to be a year where you feel like you’re thriving, having fun, feeling fulfilled and enjoying life…. I have 4 spaces left to start 2023 in my 90 Day Thrive Programme.

If you’d like to find out more about my programme, then get in touch below with the word ‘thrive’.

Much love, Tricia xxx

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