Do you catastrophise?

I was working with a client last week on catastrophe.

She was talking about how she put on a new face cream and it had left her skin burning.

Immediately, she was imagining herself in A&E with her skin in blisters and eventual certain death through sepsis.

This was her go to response for any situation.

Husband doesn’t answer the phone – he’s dead.

Dog breathes weirdly – he’s dead.

Friend has a bad day with her mental health – she’s dead.

But she didn’t know that at the start of the session. She just was fed up with catastrophising and why does her mind do this.

What her fear was – was death.

It was impacting her sleep, her relationships, leaving home, her moods, her ability to plan a trip.

Literally every part of her life.

I get this a lot with the clients I work with.

Something happens such as the reaction to the face cream.

Anxiety hits.

Your brain and imagination are so powerful.

By showing you all these ‘disasters’ it is trying to protect you and your loved ones.

Yet the way it shows up in your life is anything but protective.

It traps you. It keeps you awake. You can’t think. You obsess. You lose time, energy and any rational thinking.

Literally the gift of imagination, can suffocate you and stop you living your life as a part of you get so triggered.

Everyone has different things.

Yours could be fear of chaos, mess, dirt, illness, judgement, making the wrong decision, applying for a job, being rejected, poverty, being a crap parent…

But it’s the same thing.

Your thought processes and how it manifests.

Going back to my client – when we worked together – what came up was the trapped emotion of shock and it took us back to memories where she’d been shocked by the passing of loved ones, which we healed and the fear of death was gone – her new belief was ‘death is part of the life cycle’.

At the end of the session my client was off to book her train tickets for her trip away. Amazing.

This isn’t a one off. This is what happens session after session.

If you are fed up being trapped and suffocated by your thoughts and feel stuck and helpless and want to thrive and feel fulfilled, I have 3 spaces left on my 90 day thrive programme to start this year. How amazing would it be to start 2023 thinking rationally and feeling on top of all the ‘stuff’ in your head.

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Much love, Tricia xxx

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