Some things I will be doing to soothe myself

I want to talk a bit more about fear and especially with all the doom and gloom that’s going on right now in the world and share a different perspective on it.

I recognise that a lot of people are feeling anxious right now about the uncertainty to do with the recession/interest rates/cost of living crisis.

And I’ll be truthful too – I notice those anxious feelings too.

What happens to me and my business? Should I go get a job? Will my husband’s job be ok. You know – all the usual thoughts THAT IT IS NORMAL TO HAVE.

Because it is.

I get fed up seeing other practitioners talking about how they can get their clients to be completely anxiety free.

One I read last week – you weren’t born with anxiety.

This is bullshit. If you read this anywhere – unfollow immediately.

It is hardwired into us to worry about dying and death.

Why do babies cry – to get your attention SO THEY DON’T DIE.

And why does the brain ALWAYS go to the negative first.

I digress and I don’t mean to.

What I want you to know is anything you’re feeling right now is valid.

The reason why you might be feeling this way, however, isn’t because you’re worried about having no money… it’s because your brain is trying to ensure you SURVIVE.

No money = no food = certain death


No money = status change = rejection by tribe = certain death

But this is bullshit – because we are lucky to live in a country where we have food unlike other parts of the world.  

I fully appreciate for many feeding themselves is going to be hard this year and the use of food banks and warm banks (thanks Boris and Co for this) are going to be a major need this year.

We are not, however, living in a famine.

We will survive. And it will pass. Like any other recession.

Knowing this is important – because when you know it’s about SURVIVING and that’s what this anxiety is about – you can let your body settle because I am telling you this right now – you will survive.

There may be tough decisions to make for some – but you will survive.

Here’s some things that I’ll be doing to help me:

  1. Turning off the news – this does not mean not having an awareness but there’s a difference between awareness and obsessing – I really need to get off twitter…. One day!
  2. Remembering what I can control – that is me, my mindset, my wellbeing, how rested I am, staying positive and spreading positivity
  3. Spending money with my heart in LOCAL businesses – such as we’ve decided to really keep our central heating use to minimal but use our wood burner more. It costs roughly the same we worked out but I’d prefer to give the local wood companies money than any big energy companies – it makes me smile that I’m helping local businesses employ local people and feels good. I’m also trying out local restaurants more than the big brands.
  4. Being grateful for all I’ve got – a roof, my kids, my family, my health, my gym membership
  5. Invest in myself and my wellbeing. I’ve just hired today a menopause doula as I’m at the start of the peri menopause. The reason why is I want to be as happy and as joyful and as rested and as well as I can be. I’m flooded with too much information and me and hormones are a shitty mix so here’s to optimising this experience and getting the help and information I need.
  6. Reminding myself – I’ve got through far worse than this – we literally got through lockdown and homeschooling – this is nothing by comparison.
  7. Putting together a fundraiser to collect money for food banks (thinking about it this weekend and how I can do that)

I hope this helps you to think about what YOU could be doing to help.

Sending love and strength and a reminder of how strong you are.

Much love, Tricia xxx

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