Do you take radical responsibility?

If you came to the rage masterclass you will have heard me talking about radical responsibility.

Here’s what I mean.

Taking FULL responsibility for your happiness, fulfilment, circumstances, mental/physical/emotional wellbeing and life in general.

Here’s a typical example.

You might talk all the time about how exhausted, fed up, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, depressed or generally unhappy you are.

Yet in your day to day life you rush around, don’t take breaks, never see the sky, do a job you hate, feel bad about taking time for you, don’t delegate, lose yourself in the small stuff, get to bed too late as you’re doom scrolling, drink alcohol, live off coffee and sugar, do no mindset work or support yourself in any way shape or form, constantly avoid, procrastinate or stay stuck in the status quo, feel pissed off and angry with your partner.

The result is… well just the same. Nothing changes.

If you took radical responsibility this might look like:

Booking in for coaching (yeah!), focussing on getting 8 hours of sleep, reducing/eliminating alcohol, eating and drinking well, spending time with friends who make you feel good, meditate or journal each day, face the things that are bothering you, prioritise the important things, get to the gym/yoga, take 20 mins in the fresh air each take, make time for lunch, read some amazing books, do a job you love, make time for your relationship and have amazing sex, drive in the car with your music on full blast.

None of this is rocket science.

You’ve probably read this a million times.

You know this.

You can do it.

Anyone can.

Yet you don’t.

And that’s the bit that’s really interesting.

What is it that keeps you stuck?

Most people have all their priorities wrong.

They prioritise the house, the washing, the jobs over their own wellbeing.

It’s amazing marketing and societal conditioning.

Marketing that your house is more important than you.

That you’re not allowed to choose joy or love or happiness over mediocrity.

As we head in to 2023… this is your opportunity to start afresh.

From 2023 I’ll be offering belief coding sessions in addition to my normal 90 day package and SOAR will be running from mid-end of Feb. To find out about any of these, drop me a message and we can check what’s right for you.

Much love, Tricia xxxx

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