If you weren’t stressed/anxious/overwhelmed… What would you be?

It’s crazy season. Here’s a question.

If you weren’t…. Stressed/anxious/overwhelmed (delete as appropriate)… what would you be?

It’s very easy when you’re feeling a certain way for the brain to tag a feeling then embody that feeling.

If you believe right now you should be feeling stressed/anxious etc then the brain tags it and makes you feel that way because your BELIEFS about this time of year create your reality.

If you believe this should be stressful – your body creates stress and feels stressed.

A quick hack can be to CHOOSE how you want to feel and here’s a simple exercise that I share with my clients and we cover in depth in the SOAR programme.

If you were say feeling EXCITED, CALM, BUZZING for Christmas – you choose… what would that look like?


  • What would that look like in your face, posture, how you’re walking, body, hand gestures?
  • What would it sound like in how you’re speaking?
  • What would others notice about you if they were watching you?
  • What would you be doing?

What’s important about this exercise is not thinking about what you wouldn’t be doing, but what you WOULD be doing.

Such as:

  • I wouldn’t be stressing might be I’d be relaxing with the kids/partner/family
  • I wouldn’t be rushing around might be I’d be moving slowly and taking my time
  • I wouldn’t be shouting might be I’d be laughing at how ridiculous all this is

Those words – relaxing, slow, laughing are POWERFUL as they connect to a different part of the brain.

What that means is it then starts to elicit a different sensation in the body.

One of my clients did this exercise and rather than being a ‘stressed and overwhelmed mum’ she is ‘fun mum’.

If you connect with being ‘fun mum’ that brings up a whole different identify and behaviour within you. It makes you smile, laugh, see things in a different light.

You have the choice to feel how you want to feel – so how do you CHOOSE to feel?

Much love, Tricia xxxx

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