Which wolf are you feeding?

Have you every come across the story of the two wolves?

The legend is a story of a grandfather or elder using a metaphor of two wolves fighting within him to explain inner conflicts to his grandson, or other young person. When the young person asks which wolf wins, the grandfather answers “whichever one you feed”.

Most of the people that I work with, come to me with anxiety, stress, overwhelm.

So much of it that they are willing to pay me money to get help as it causes them so much pain.

One of the things that happens is when you’re in such a state of distress, you end up focussing only on the distress.

You become fixated on it.

Fixated on the pain you’re in, how awful your situation is, the fact that you’re stuck and can’t see a way out.

What in fact you’re doing, is feeding the wolf.

The anxiety, stress and overwhelm get worse.

Now I’ve been working with anxiety and experienced enough of my own debilitating anxiety to know it’s not as easy to say focus on all the good in your life.

What the anxiety is doing…. in it’s own malfunctioning protective way is keeping you safe.

The more stressed you are – the more safety seeking it does to make you even ‘safer’.

Until eventually you’re so safe you’re struggling to function (ie STUCK).

It doesn’t need to be like this.

You can feed a different wolf.

There’s different approaches to this. One of which is making big changes to your life where you feed the wolf that’s focussed on fun, pleasure and fulfilment.

Much love, Tricia xxx

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Which wolf are you feeding?

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