Do you spend your whole time trapped in your problems?

Many of the people I work with are the same as you.

Trapped in your thoughts about the situation.



Can’t see a solution or a way out.

This is a failed safety seeking mechanism of your brain.

It makes you believe that:

  • You’re better off stuck in the shitty job/relationship/friendship
  • You can’t make friends, new relationships, go for that promotion, start your own company, retrain as a coach/interior designer/teacher
  • It’s not ok to live in a messy house, fuck the bullshit and go off to the beach for the day
  • Something dreadful will happen if you don’t meet your child or partner’s needs
  • Boundaries mean you’re a bad person
  • If people don’t like you or judge you that you’ll be outcast
  • …and more

All of this is bullshit and none of it helps you.

It’s like being ruled by a dictator that is filled with lies.

What helps you is to re-programme your subconscious to know it’s SAFE for you to do whatever you want to do and live this life.

Imagine if you trained your brain to believe:

  • There’s always a solution
  • You can get through anything
  • Everything works out someway
  • You can cope even with the unimaginable
  • Life goes on even if people don’t like you
  • Failure is part of life
  • You’re allowed to succeed and break your conditioning

How would that feel?

If you’re ready to feel that way – I currently have space to take on new clients in my 90 day programme or for Belief Coding sessions (included in the 90 day programme).

Here’s a selection of case studies of people I’ve helped recently. I’d love to help you and there’s no better time than now – not later this year or next year. Now.

Much love, Tricia xxx

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