The role of worry

We’re midst selling our home (well actually JUST sold – WOOHOO) and one of my boys said to me at the weekend – ‘Mum, I’m worried that no one will buy our house’.

Bless his wee cotton socks.

Worrying is a sign something is important to you.


Worrying changes nothing.

Worrying is good for:

  • Flooding your body with addictive stress hormones
  • Taking over all your communication so all you can do and focus in on is the thing you’re worrying about
  • Making you exhausted and stopping you from sleeping
  • Having an internal 24 hour ping pong match in your head
  • Not getting on with the rest of your life
  • Seeing all the outcomes – even the ones that will never happen

It has very little positive impact on your life.

It’s been something I’ve worked on again and again. Last week I did quite a few belief coding sessions around worrying especially as we were being messed around and everything felt out of control. I coded in new beliefs that ‘there’s always a solution’ and ‘everything always works out’ – because BOTH are true. I have AMPLE evidence of both.

Such as not being able to have children for 4 years then eventually ending up with 4 kids.

Such as redundancy and then getting a brilliant to die for job years ago.

Such as buying this house in the first place even though we thought we couldn’t for various reasons then it all slotted into place.

Such as being bullied and ostracised by a group I set up and then by holding my boundaries ending up with so much more time and energy that my business grew 5 fold.

Such as yesterday, finally getting an offer for our home and it being one of the really lovely couples who I am so glad bought our house.

Everything always works out eventually.

There is always a solution.

Even when you’re right in the midst of the storm and you can’t ever see there being a way out.

You always find your way through the storm.

Sometimes you come out a bit upside down.

Sometimes you come out and you feel brand new with a whole new hairdo.

Sometimes you’ve had too many lessons to learn about navigating a storm and you come out battered and bruised.

You always get through the storm somehow though.

To overcome worrying, however, you need to get to the root beliefs.

  1. What is it about this situation that makes it so threatening that it causes you to worry/feel anxious/become obsessed about?
  2. What happened to create those beliefs that this situation was so threatening?
  3. What needs healed or processed to allow new beliefs to be programmed?
  4. What new beliefs do you want to have?

This is the work I do with my clients and to myself.

If you want this too, get in touch and I can share ways I can help you.

Much love, Tricia x

P.S. Here’s a selection of case studies of people I’ve helped recently in case you’d like to know what it’s like working with me.

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