Critic to mentor

I’ve been teaching my clients this week to tune into their inner mentors.

Every single client that comes to work with me has a harsh inner critic.  I’ve yet to have a client who hasn’t had one.  Some are harsher than others.  Some are downright vile.

It is no wonder if your inner critic is constantly bullying you and you can’t escape that you live in a perpetual state of anxiety.

Did you, however, know that within you is also an inner mentor?

That’s the voice you use when you give you give your best pal/colleague/neighbour or sister sage and sound advice.

The inner mentor is the kind part of you.  That can see the bigger picture.

The one that realises the reason you’re shouting at everyone is because there’s something else going on with you (you’re not a bad person).

Or that no wonder that situation is making you feel anxious.

Or that it’s safe to say no.

Make a date to sit with your inner mentor each day. Ask your inner mentor for advice.

Over time and with the right support – you can train yourself to listen to your inner mentor too.

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