How strong is your confidence muscle?

I loved listening to Michelle Obama this week on Glennon Doyle’s podcast (We can do hard things).

She was talking about the ‘confidence’ muscle.

She didn’t call it that.

She said “if you’re never taking that first leap, you never get to practice it. There’s so many people who live in their comfort zones forever, and they make their world small.”

This is the thing about living with anxiety is that your mind convinces you how dangerous things are (it overestimates danger) and it underestimates your ability to cope so it keeps your living small.  

This is essentially the anxiety equation model by Christine Padesky.

I teach my clients about this equation because it’s fundamental when it comes to anxiety to understand how your mind works and tools to support you to increase your ability to cope.

Anxiety limits your life.

It sees danger everywhere.

Even where there isn’t

The danger can be something physical.

Often, it’s a fear of being exposed to emotional pain and you can go into avoidance or overthinking/planning.

Here’s what I know. There’s simple tools to coach your mind out of it.

It’s not rocket science.

And no amount of meditation, breath work, mindfulness will ever touch it.

They might ease the symptoms temporarily.

To really get you to the point that you can start to build your confidence muscle to start experiencing life and taking risks – you need to work directly with the mind and subconscious.

You need to get the conscious to talk with the subconscious in a way it will listen.

That’s what I help my clients do in my Thrive in 90 programme. I help them go from fear/stuckness to fulfilment/thriving.

You can take a look at some of my results here.

Much love, Tricia xxx

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