Moving away from the trappings of your thoughts into the you that you want to be

I hope this email finds you well. I’’ve had a really lovely (genuinely lovely) week with the kids as they were off for Easter. We’ve walked, had day trips, been to the beach twice, met with friends, cooked pancakes on a fire in the middle of the day, been on a train and generally had a blast so far. Looking forward to the next few days before I’m back to work on Tuesday.  

As well as spending time with the kids, I’ve watched 5 films (that I wanted to), finished one work book, read a whole fiction book and am about to start another.

It’s been a proper mind break from everything.

One of the films I watched was Good Luck to You, Leo Grande. Loved it.

There’s so much about that film that I wanted to share but essentially Nancy Stokes has been stuck in her head for over 30 years.

The whole film is her journey out of the trappings of her mind into a world of pleasure.

Pleasure that she could have had for 30 years but her mind has stopped her.

Stopped her speaking out in her marriage.

Stopped her meeting her own needs.

Stopped her breaking conformity and societal expectations.

Stopped her from living fully.

Underneath all of that – are her beliefs.

That is the unspoken set of rules she’s lived by about her role as a wife, mother, in her profession, in the world.

Meaning she’s been left stuck, unhappy and unfulfilled.

Here’s something I share a lot with my clients.

Walk into a room of people – you can FEEL the people that are unhappy and happy.

You can literally FEEL their energy.

I can feel it over zoom. People’s energy.

I’m sure you can to.

We are all affected by energy whether you can recognise it or not.

When you are in the relationships you’re in whether with your partner/kids/friends/family/colleagues or others… the happier you are in life then more you can connect in those relationships positively because people ENJOY being around you.

It’s honestly the least selfish thing you can do is to do things that make you happy.

Yes, you need to meet the needs of your kids. 100%.

You are so important too.

Because the happier you are – you will be a better person, mother, partner, friend, daughter, sister, colleague, neighbour etc.

In fact, that’s exactly what happened to Nancy Stokes. She lost her relationship with her daughter. Had a no-communication co-existing relationship with her son. She traumatised her students by calling them into a room and telling them they were sluts for wearing short skirts (that comes out in the film). She was a resentful, angry, bristly, shut down woman.

I coach clients just like Nancy Stokes. Often much much much younger. Women who are intelligent, articulate and ambitious but completely trapped by the chaos in your heads.

I coach my clients to break those beliefs and shed conditioning so that you as a woman move away from the trappings of your thoughts and from the martyr and victim into the you that you want to be.

Book in for a Belief Coding session with me in April – £50 discount from the normal price. Use coupon code “APRIL2023”.

Much love, Tricia xxx

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