Overthinkers, this is for you

Argh! The brain! Why will it not STFU?

I woke up over the weekend having crazy dreams about houses.

We’re literally on the cusp of moving and I’m like… what if it doesn’t go through? Am I psychologically harming my sons by taking them away? Can I really leave my dream home I created with so much love? Is this the right decision?

Crazy dreams making me waking up in a panic.

None of this is rational, logical, wise, adult thinking.

All of it is parts of me trapped in child like terror.

None of this thinking is true.

Yet it creates panic in the body.

My husband said to me – but yeah – all of this is understandable – it’s understandable why you’re dreaming like that and feeling anxious.

I was like – yeah – but I don’t NEED to feel like this. I don’t NEED to be anxious about this. I CAN feel so much better.

And this is exactly what I’ve been doing.

Focussing on staying present.

Slowing down.

Being conscious what I’m consuming emotionally and physically.


Cold water showers.



Watching the birds.

Driving with no radio or podcasts.

Getting into bed with my kids for snuggles and hugs and songs and catch up rather than zoning out on my phone.

Looking into the future – knowing in a years time all these things that are taking over all my thinking I won’t give a fuck about.

Asking myself – is this the part of me that thinks logically, rationally and wisely that’s having these thoughts.

Heart holding – placing my hand on my heart and showing myself love and compassion.

None of this is rocket science.

Anyone can do any of this.

Which one of these things could you do if you are a member of the over thinkers club? Let me know.

Much love, Tricia x

P.S. My coaching programme is currently closed to new clients until June or September. At the moment you can work with me in Motherhood Unloaded (Mindset for Mums) or Belief Coding Sessions or birth/reproductive/perinatal trauma or sign up for my Calm Foundations course.

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