Imagine being rational when dealing with a crisis

“Rational and matter of fact” when dealing with a crisis. These were the words I received this week from one of my clients who’s seen incredible changes.

Imagine if that was you.

Imagine if instead of fear, anxiety, panic, stress, shouting, tears, hiding under the duvet you managed or stuck in your thoughts day and night…. When you have to manage:

  • Crazy family interactions that leave you feeling completely confused
  • Chaos and clutter at home and all over your life
  • Looking after multiple kids on your own for days or like the 5000000 day of sickness this year
  • Deadlines at work or speaking in public
  • Big changes – redundancy, house moves (me!!), new jobs, new babies etc
  • Nights out or weddings
  • Your partner’s crazy moods
  • The kids having meltdowns

… all with ease – like nothingness.

As many of you know, we’re in the midst of moving house.

On Friday our house sale was postponed. I’ve felt weirdly neutral about the whole thing.

It *might* be different if the sale had fallen through. I don’t know. It might not have been. I’m not sure I want to test it (argh!).

But I just felt so weirdly ‘nothingness’ except the understandable frustration of the logistics of it.

Working on your mind does that. Working on the UNDERLYING beliefs ‘I’m ok, everything is always going to be ok, this time next year this will be a hazy memory’ does that for you.

That’s why I love this work.

I experience shifts all the time that I don’t even recognise until something big comes up.

Or my clients share something and I’m like YES – imagine walking into a situation you used to have panic attacks over and now feel nothing… not good or bad but ‘nothing’.

Imagine a world where you experienced so much more nothingness rather than anxiety, panic, fear, shutdown.

Imagine emerging into a world fully in control of your emotions.

How bloody powerful.

And think what a difference it would make to your headspace, energy levels, time, motivation, confidence, esteem and enjoyment of life and people.

My new programme Emergence is coming soon.

If this blog post resonates with you, this might be exactly what you need.

Get in touch to be on the list of people to get the information first.

Much love, Tricia x

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