Prioritising mental fitness

It’s mental health awareness week. The main focus of this week is anxiety.

Something I’ve personally overcome.

Something I’ve helped hundreds of others overcome too.

But here’s the thing about anxiety.

People think there’s some magic cure that will fix it.

“I’ll learn to meditate.”

“I’ll go to therapy.”

“I’ll listen to this podcast/read this book/start journaling.”

All these things might help. Might provide relief.

But overcoming anxiety properly requires mental fitness.

It’s something I’ve been chatting about in the recent SOAR group.

Physical fitness is something that’s applauded by society. Whether that’s strength, aerobic, endurance, flexibility. It helps people LOOK good. You can see the results. People tell you “you look great”. Maybe you feel great. You feel strong, fit etc.

Mental fitness is something that’s seen to be well… a bit weird… a bit out there… something you don’t have time for or maybe you even feel guilty about needing.

Because imagine saying to someone… I need to go and journal on my thoughts about this… or I need to go and work out what beliefs have been triggered… Or I need to go off and do some tapping… or I need to sit in silence…. Or I need to visualise how I’m going to handle this… or I need to reflect on how this situation happened…

Would you feel comfortable doing that?

Yet doing this work… this very basic mindset work makes a huge difference to you, how you feel about yourself and those that you live with and spend time with.

I see results each day from the clients I work with.

In the last week ALONE (without even thinking about it) my clients have:

  • Managed situations they wouldn’t have before with total calm
  • Acted like adults in the face of confrontation
  • Stopped thinking they were going to die
  • Noticed they were spiralling and then said – ok this is why I feel this way… what can I do about it?
  • Spoken up when they’ve been hurt
  • Stopped crying
  • Asked to have their needs met with no guilt
  • Factored in time to do something totally fun
  • Set phone boundaries
  • Had better sleep
  • Journaled when stressed about a deadline at work and felt a whole lot bloody better

All as a result of the work we have done together.

 Imagine if you could do this too….

Welcome to Emergence. My new programme for those stuck in the internal chaos of your heads and bodies and are committed to being rational, acting like an adult and having way more goddam fun. It’s a 6 month one to one programme and a mixture of teaching you everything I know and deep transformational healing.  

For now, I hope that one day we see mental fitness and mindset training to be just as important as physical fitness and strength training.

Much love, Tricia xxx

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