Shouldn’t we all feel like this?

I was working with a client last week and in the session she burst in to tears.

But not in a normal tears way. Not triggered or upset.

Tears in like a way of huge (MASSIVE) realisation.

She said – shouldn’t we all feel this way?

The belief she was coding in was “I’m fucking amazing” (FUCK YES!)

Shouldn’t we all feel like we’re fucking amazing?

And I 100% wholeheartedly agree.

We should.

Imagine if you felt ‘fucking amazing’ in all aspects of your life.

Such as… you feel fucking amazing and your partner is being a dick – you don’t hold a story that you’re doing something wrong – you let them be a dick and you feel normal in your body.

Such as… your mum is irritating the life out of you – you don’t let it get to you – you don’t get triggered – you remain feeling ‘fucking amazing’

Such as… your kids are having meltdowns – you remember I am fucking amazing – I can handle this.

Such as… you want to go for a promotion at work – you think – I’m fucking amazing – I’m going for it.

Such as… your friends are being total idiots – you think – I’m fucking amazing – I don’t need to get involved in this shit show – I can make new friends.

Such as… you’re at the gym, you’re feeling tired, but then you remind yourself – I’m fucking amazing – and bloody nail your workout.

See what I mean.

And since our sessions – this belief has carried into so many parts of her life.

Imagine YOU felt fucking amazing….

When we work on these underlying beliefs – it’s so powerful.

This is what I want for all my clients.  I’ve created a deep and powerful 6 month programme incorporating all my programmes together.  It’s called Emergence.

I have two places to start on the 12th June.

If you want one of them, get in touch.

Much love, Tricia xxx 

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