How much time and energy do you waste being stuck in your head?

This was something a client brought up today.

The wasted time and energy caused by her mind.

Two fairly challenging things have happened to me in the last week.

  1. My house sale fell through (anyone want a 5 bed house in Edinburgh message me)
  1. I went to do my first corporate wellbeing lunchtime seminar and turned up with the totally wrong slides!

These are BOTH things that would have traditionally meant meltdown, tears, panic, anxiety, hot sweats, major apologies, people pleasing etc.

Now I need to be honest – I have shed some tears over the house.

But the reaction in my body is NOTHING on both of these compared to even a couple of years ago. 

Here’s how I handled both of these relatively high stress situations.

  1. Knew that way worse could happen (rationalised the risk)
  1. Trusted everything would be ok (because it will be and was last week with the lunchtime seminar)
  1. Know that in a year’s time this will be a very hazy memory
  1. Guess that when I’m 80 I’ll have this very vague recollection or maybe won’t even remember at all
  1. Focussed my time and energy on what I could control

Because what I find with a lot of people when they first come to work with me is something happens, you obsess over all the details, replay all the dynamics, forecast all the things that could happen.

And all that does is take up…. Time, energy, headspace.

Often after working together… as well as managing so many specific situations – this is the result…. getting on top of your mind and training it the way you want it to go – time, energy, headspace.

Time, energy, headspace that you could spend with your kids, partners, pals, reading, doing things and so much more.

You have a choice each and every time navigating through life how you deal with the chaos and the unpredictable.

It takes work though to really get in control of how your mind perceives it.

I have a new 6 month programme, Emergence. June is now full. I have space to start the second week in July for 2 people. If you’d like one of those spaces, get in touch and I’ll send you details. 

Much love, Tricia x

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