You can do all the mindset stuff you want

There’s something I keep repeating that I want to share widely.  

You can do all the deep down mindset work you want but if you don’t get this right – you’ll not see the results you want.

It’s focussing in on your:

  • Sleep
  • Phone use
  • Diet/nutrition/supplements 
  • Hydration
  • Alcohol and caffeine intake
  • Working with your cycles (menstrual, lunar, seasonal)
  • Reducing what stress you take on
  • Exercise
  • Financial health
  • Getting outdoors
  • Fun and fulfilment

Recently I’ve been working with a menopause doula, which has been so helpful as I’m navigating the perimenopause. 

It’s been the best investment as I feel I’m learning a lot from her wisdom and to make time for me to consider how I want to manage this time as gracefully as possible.  

A lot of Kate’s advice is that we get to the menopause burnt out and it’s no wonder as women we struggle when our body is physically going through a lot of change. I like this advice as it’s so similar to what I have been teaching and supporting for years with women becoming mothers.

Whilst what I help you to is to give you the tools to work on your mind if you’re up scrolling until midnight, spending all your money on amazon and then have no money left, eating crap food, living off caffeine, not synching up with your menstrual cycles, taking on too much stress, not exercising and generally not looking after yourself – you will still feel like shit.  

I do not think it’s a surprise that mental health has declined whilst phone use has increased. I don’t know what the stats are but I believe the correlation to be huge.  I know for example the clients that are immediately pinging me back or are in groups messaging all the time are the ones that struggle the most with their mental health.  

I know the more books I read and the less I’m on my phone, the happier I am.  It’s that simple. 

I get how hard it is to make changes when you have small children, you’re a carer, you need to work full time… I get it as I have children who are neurodiverse that don’t sleep, 4 boys with various demands and a dog that needs up early and walked, self employed and reliant on social media and so much more….

Making small changes, however, such as one less cup of coffee, one less hour a day scrolling, putting your phone in the kitchen overnight, getting outside for 20 mins a day, meeting a friend for a walk twice a week, taking your vitamins everyday, drinking one extra glass of water, living within your means or looking at ways to increase your income, closing your eyes for 10 mins at lunchtime, eating more protein for one meal, going to bed one hour earlier, going alcohol free or having alcohol free days – these are ALL ACHIEVABLE things to do.  For anyone.

This is what I teach in Calm Foundations which you can buy for £27 (total bargain) or is included in SOAR (starting on the 5th October). 

Much love, Tricia xxx

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