Do you feel like you can handle whatever comes your way?

I’ve been working with a variety of clients at the moment – from food anxiety to health anxiety to relationship anxiety to general anxiety… and there’s been a shift in thinking this week that I’ve loved… 

“Even if this [awful] thing happens – I can handle it”

Imagine if this is something you felt. Feeling grounded. Feeling strong. Feeling calm. Feeling wise.

 It’s a feeling of internal resilience.

Often when people go for support with anxiety, there’s an element of trying to almost rationalise their thinking.

What I mean is – say for example your fear is health anxiety and you’re scared that this new mole isn’t a normal mole, but something else… if someone says to you – I’m sure it’s nothing/don’t worry… you end up…. Well worrying.

And it doesn’t matter how much you rationalise it – you worry. You google. You think non-stop. You ask everyone for their opinions. The more you try to stop – the bigger the worry.

 Imagine if instead you had an internal strength that said – well whatever happens, I can handle it – I can cope – I’ll be ok.

That’s a very different approach.

This is what I want for everyone who I come into contact with to build up this inner strength, because imagine if you didn’t live in constant fear… what would that feel like? Freedom?

Is this something you want?

If you’re a “YES” and this is what you want…. I’m holding a 7 day challenge – FEAR TO FREEDOM: Get Unstuck from Anxiety and Transform Your Life, from the 18th-24th September 2023. The investment for the full week including all 5 sessions and support is £27.

Much love, Tricia xxx

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