How much time do you allow yourself to really live the life that you want?

Last week was the Fear to Freedom Challenge.

One of the things I really took away from the challenge personally was how little time you all allow yourself to really live the life that you want to experience.

How you might prioritise everything else rather than making space to have more fun or enjoy life. That happens because of fear. When fear gets in the way it stops you living your big bold and beautiful life. Your focus goes on the things rather than the enJOYment of life.

I’ve been reflecting on the week as someone asked a question about rest, that really stuck with me.

I believe very much in the power of rest and doing nothing. Every single person should be resting more and allowing more time to let your mind wander, read, have sex, relax, make nice food, nurture yourself. These are often the things my clients end up doing – reading more, having sex (more) and crafting more. They also sleep a whole load more. Because they finally have headspace. You need headspace by the way to do those things. 

Yet sometimes we need to do the opposite, which is things that bring us total joy.

I shared recently that I went camping with my 4 boys on my own over the summer. My sister and niece did come to join us a couple of days later, but I personally took my kids away and set up the tents and took down the tents and all the physical and emotional labour involved in prepping and going. 

I came back the evening before my period started. When I woke up in the morning, with my period, I was absolutely euphoric. Like the type of euphoria I used to experience going out clubbing for days on end in the 90s. I had this energy like I haven’t had for years. I was bouncing off the walls. Literally. A totally natural high given the fact I haven’t drunk alcohol for months.

I know what this energy was – it was because I’d been doing something I loved for days. I’d been with my kids, dodging huge jelly fish in the sea, surviving storms, flying kites, building fires and generally being outside and active for days on end. When I should have been exhausted from essentially solo parenting and sleeping on a camp bed for 5 days straight, I was euphoric.     

 Yet sometimes you can be exhausted from literally doing nothing. The drudgery of life as a woman/mother/parent can be overwhelming. And the more you’re on your phone I know it’s because you need to be distracted by the sheer boredom and overwhelm of life. 

During the challenge last week we spoke about how to weave in more freedom whilst still taking care of our responsibilities.

Whilst it’s easy to say – go cold water swimming, take dance classes, join a choir, find a retreat, meet a friend for coffee – what stops you is fear.  

Fear of imperfection, being judged, upsetting people, getting things wrong, succeeding, low self worth and so much more.  

Such as: fear of people judging you for your messy home or setting a boundary or putting yourself above the washing or your boss not being able to contact you on your day off or someone thinking your lush for prioritising time with your friends over your kids or needing to have cheese toasties for dinner because you’ve gone and done and art class and that makes you bad and so much more. 

To remove fear you need to change your beliefs so you live your life FREELY and experience the big, bold and beautiful life that YOU DESERVE. 

If this is something you’d like help with, click the button below and let’s chat about the various ways I can support you.

Much love, Tricia xxx

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