Old actions don’t bring new results

Many people come to me because they are dissatisfied with many parts of their lives.

They know they want “something”, but they don’t know how to get it or make it better.

Through our work together – the thing that makes the biggest difference is changing what the actions they take to make their lives better.

See – you can WANT something – but if you do the same things each day you get the same results.

If you want something different – what actions will you do to get that thing?

Here’s what I mean:

Your partner is pissing you off. You’re resentful and angry about various things. You end up shouting or ignoring him. He comes towards you and you bristle. You stop having sex or being intimate. You switch between stroppy teenager and a 3 year old having a tantrum. Things don’t feel fair. You moan to your friends, mum… anyone that will listen. You zone out on your phone.

You WANT to have a deep and meaningful and supportive relationship. 

You’re constantly losing your shit around the home. You spend all your time rushing around doing stuff, never having any time for anything yet for some reason 4 hours disappears each day on your phone. You reach for the wine most evenings. You live off biscuits and coffee because you don’t have time to feed yourself properly.  Everyone walks on eggshells around you.  There’s always so much to do you never have the time or energy to do the things you really want to do. You don’t even know what those things are anymore. So you zone out on your phone once again.

You WANT to feel calm, have patience and be fun.  

You feel like an imposter at work. You spend your whole time hyper alert and always switched on. You’re defensive when people ask you questions. You check your work again and again and again. You lie awake at night thinking, over thinking, overthinking again. You don’t speak you. You don’t take opportunities. You’re scared to use your voice.

You WANT to feel confident and like you’re great at your job and to take new opportunities.

The actions here don’t elicit the results that you want. They keep you stuck in the situation.

This is what I help my clients to do. I help them understand what they want, what’s blocking them and get them unstuck through releasing any resistance to getting what they want, stopping self-sabotage. From the work we do together – they take the actions that are helpful to completely transform their lives.

If you want that – I currently have two spaces for one to one support. Please get in touch if you’re interested.

Much love, Tricia xxx

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