How much time do you spend on imaginary thinking?

One of my clients was telling me about how she lay awake literally all night having imaginary conversations about an potential ‘confrontation’ with a colleague only to wake up the next again day and find out it had all been resolved.

She’s not alone.

Many of the women I work with experience similar.

You lie awake at night forecasting potential horrors or replaying situations again and again.

As much as you want to – you cannot get your mind to STFU.

Here’s the thing.

Your mind does that as a way to protect you.

By showing you ‘the worst thing’ that could happen – it tries to prepare you.

Yet replaying and replaying and keeping you awake and in a wound up ball of chaos – IS NOT HELPING YOU – what would help you is having total clear and logical thinking meaning you get proper sleep and stay in your A game.  

What I love about the deep work that I do is that my clients often have:

  • Improved sleep because their minds are quieter
  • Energy because they’re not up all night thinking
  • Rational and logical thinking because they have the tools to do that
  • Increased confidence to take new opportunities – retraining (a recent client just decided to train in Belief Coding because our sessions have been so life changing), applying for new jobs using their voice at work, joining up with local choir groups
  • Better sex lives because they have had space to want to have sex again and they feel way less resentful
  • More time off to read, craft, swim, gym, walk in the wood
  • Way less time on their phones because they’re not obsessing nor bored to death

This is what happens when you reprogram the subconscious. Your life is so much easier.

If you’d like to find out how I can help you, get in touch and send me a couple of sentences about what you’d like in your life again.  

Much love, Tricia xxx

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