The biggest waste of everything is worry

I was in a session with a client today and one of the emotions that came up was worry.

A lot of the time, we worry about things.

Often worry is used by the subconscious as a way to control the outcome. 

Yet worrying is the most futile emotion. It is a TOTAL WASTE of your resources.  

Because, worrying doesn’t change anything.


  • Exhausts you
  • Makes you hypervigilant
  • Interferes with your sleep/health
  • Reduces your headspace
  • Stops you enjoying life and living in the present
  • Disconnects your from your loved ones
  • Wastes energy, time and money
  • Creates a knot in your stomach/weight on your chest

Let me illustrate.

You have a social outing coming up and you spend your time worrying about what to wear, how you’ll get there, what you’ll say, who you’ll see, what you’ll eat or drink. You end up wasting hours online looking at clothes, you buy clothes that you might never wear again, you lie awake at night having imaginary conversations with people you might or might not see. You’re so consumed with your event you’re on your phone more than normal in ‘research’ mode, you end up shouting at your kids and not hearing what your partner is saying to you. You arrive at the event. You get so drunk as you’re so anxious.  You can’t hold a proper conversation or make eye contact as you’re so on edge. You leave regretting the amount of alcohol you’ve drunk, the amount of money you’ve spent on food, booze, outfits and taxis, the stupid things you said and the outfit you’ll never wear again.

You’ve wasted:

  • Energy
  • Time
  • Money
  • Environmental resources (on the outfit you’ll never wear again)
  • Sleep
  • Headspace

And that worrying can apply to any situation:

  • Your/kids/family health
  • Work/careers
  • Relationships
  • Things happening in the world
  • Money

If instead you had a different approach and you were EXCITED or felt AT EASE about a social outing a very different scenario might play out.   You might feel relaxed, you might decide to wear and familiar/comfortable/nice outfit or borrow something from a friend, you sleep well on the run up to it, you’re excited about people you’ll see, you make arrangements for getting there and back, you might choose to drink or not drink but you will be able to manage your alcohol intake easily, you have a brilliant time at the event, have deep and meaningful conversations and you leave having had the best of times and laughing on your way home.

That is exactly what I’ll be helping you do in the Fear to Freedom challenge is moving you from the fearful/worried state to a state of calm, confidence and happiness.  

Especially at this time of year when everything feels in a much more heightened state than normal. Fear to Freedom is the best present to yourself and your family and the best way to go into next year feeling good.

Any questions, get in touch and I will happily answer them.

Much love, Tricia xxxx

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