Everything is not always easy but…

Last week I went for a Belief Coding session from one of my clients who’s taken on the big decision to train as a facilitator (there is no better testimony is there!).  

I’ve been journaling A LOT about ease – I want ease – ease everywhere – in life, financially, in my business, as a parent – everywhere.

If you’ve come to any of my sessions in the last couple of months – you’ll have heard me talking about ease.   want everything to be EASY.   

Today I was working with a client and she said exactly the same – I just want everything to be easy.

The thing is – most of us (I expect 99% of you or more) reading this actually have it relatively easy, but what doesn’t make it easy is our minds.

And I see you.

I don’t make my life easy.

  • I want things to perfect and struggle to be ok with ‘good enough’
  • I don’t let myself drop things so therefore have a million things I’m trying to do (like this blog post – I like it to go out each wednesday – I could drop it)  
  • I get frustrated at my kids not conforming to some weird world we live in because two of my kids are autistic and it’s often a huge struggle for them and at times I find it hard because of conformity
  • I stop myself doing things that make me feel good because I’m so busy (see perfection, not dropping things… etc)
  • I like people to like me so I take on too much and boundaries is a work in progress (although thankfully progressing)
  • I’m scared if I get something wrong with my kids I’m permanently traumatising them because I know way too much
  • I don’t like my husband to take on things that I feel are my responsibility (Christmas/Birthdays/etc)
  • I feel bad asking for help and I like things to be done my way (see perfectionist tendencies)
  • I always want more – more money, more things, more experiences and adventures (see perfectionist tendencies)

These are the things I’ve been working on over this last couple of years and whilst I’m no where near perfect – I know that the me this December is not the me of last December and there is huge improvement.  I can feel it in every part of my body and in every relationship and connection I make.  

And today when I was working with this client – I truly recognised that everything doesn’t always seem easy, but it really is actually easy. 

I have food to eat, warmth, clothes, a roof, safety, loving relationships, enough money, a job I adore, full autonomy of my life and connection with some truly amazing humans.

As I’m reflecting more and more I recognise that ease comes with working with the mind and how we perceive everything around us and the gratitude we feel.  We spend so much time in the mindset of lack rather than in the mindset of what we have.  And tonight as I’m writing this, I truly do feel that.

If this is resonating with you and you want EASE…. I have space in January to take on 2 clients in my Emergence programme. It’s 6 months of deep and powerful work. I only want to work with people who are fully committed to personal growth. The details are here – if you’d like one of the spaces, get in touch and let’s have a conversation to see if it’s a good fit for both of us.

Much love, Tricia xxx

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