The biggest change you’ll experience is when your subconscious mind changes how it reacts to situations

The biggest change you’ll experience is when…

Your subconscious mind changes how it reacts to situations.

Because when your subconscious changes – everything changes.

You might believe that you are ‘wired’ in a specific way.

Maybe you’re believe and act as a ‘perfectionist, ‘high achiever’, ‘insomniac’, ‘anxious’, ‘lazy’, ‘hyper-active’, ‘over-thinker’ – whatever label you’ve given yourself or have been given.

What you’re really describing is how you react to situations.

Sometimes it’s good – like being a lawyer or doctor – you want to be a perfectionist in those roles (I want you to be too!)

But sometimes it’s not good – like being a perfectionist in how you parent, what you eat, the car you drive, the house you live in – it can literally carry over to every single part of you life leading to chronic stress (impacting sleep), busyness (impacting time/joy/relationships), emotional over-reactiveness (such as rage, anxiety, moodiness, silent treatment).

I know you can rewire the brain as I’ve seen it in action….

  • A client able to leave the house after having agoraphobia – literally in the session
  • A client able to go to a restaurant and enjoy eating food with friends after fear of choking and social anxiety
  • A client able to set a boundary after a lifetime of prioritising everyone else
  • A client able to go for an operation feeling totally calm after feeling incredibly anxious
  • A client able to post on social media after 18 months of not posting because of their anxiety
  • A client able to peacefully manage her kids after losing her shit at the drop of a hat

There’s three ways I work with my clients to do this.

The fast way – Belief Coding. All of those experiences have happened after ONE two hour belief coding session (this is a TINY list of the results I’ve witnessed).  This is where I work with you in a deep therapeutic coaching session.  This is perfect for specific one-off issues.

If you want/need a total transformation – you might be interested in my Emergence Programme. I have one space left to start this month and one space to start in February.

If you’re interested, but not sure how – get in touch and let’s chat.

Much love, Tricia xxx

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