Is there an internal ping-pong match happening inside your head?

Most of the clients I know when they come to work with me have an internal ping-pong match happening within them.

You’ll probably recognise this as you’ve maybe got this internal bully too?

  • ‘How could you be so stupid’
  • ‘It’s all your fault that….’
  • ‘I can’t believe you did that’

And so it goes.

This is exhausting.

Imagine you spend all day refereeing two children who can’t stop fighting – this is EXACTLY what’s happening in your head.

Not only are you managing everything that’s going on in your outside world (which is more than enough by the way)… you’re also managing everything going on in your internal world. It makes you feel anxious, overwhelmed, stupid and frustrated.

The work I do with my clients is to break this cycle by helping you to rewire your subconscious with new beliefs, which results in improved thoughts and actions.

The results mean increased self esteem and confidence, you feel self-assured, you’re able to set better boundaries, you stop apologising for your existence, you act rationally, calmly and logically and everything feels easier.

And it doesn’t need to be years of therapy or going round in the same conversations.

There’s three ways I work with my clients to do this.

The fast way – Belief Coding. This is where I work with you in a deep therapeutic coaching session. This is perfect for specific one-off issues.

If you want/need a total transformation you might be interested in my Emergence Programme. I have one space to start in February and one to start in March.

If you know you need help, but not sure what – get in touch and we can work out what’s right for you.

Much love, Tricia xxx

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