Everyone has imposter syndrome, yet it doesn’t exist

The thing everyone has – yet it doesn’t exist.

It’s not imposter syndrome.

It’s this.


When you have a clear cut process how to manage fear – you can overcome it – easily.  

Every single client I’ve worked with has had some sort of ‘imposter syndrome’. It must be the most diagnosed ‘syndrome’ there is.  

Here’s the thing.

Imposter syndrome isn’t an actual syndrome – it’s a fabricated syndrome. 

Many of you, however, will be able to connect to this term because it’s easier to say I have imposter syndrome than I have anxiety – although most people that have imposter syndrome are of the ‘high-functioning’ anxiety.  

‘Imposter syndrome’ is FEAR/ANXIETY that someone will ‘find you out’.

Find out that you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re a fraud, you talk bullshit, that you’re not the person they think you are, that underneath you’re shit.

None of this is true. It’s completely fabricated in your head. It’s a maladaptive coping strategy.  Created by beliefs, which shape your perception and how you perceive things.

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Much love, Tricia xxx

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