95% of what you do is based on this

Did you know that 95% of our actions are based not on what you choose to do but is based on what your subconscious chooses that you do?

Sometimes this is SO helpful – you don’t really have to ‘think’ what you’re doing in the morning to get you out the house – your subconscious does most of it for you – gets you into the shower, dressed, chooses clothes, making your morning cuppa, feed the kids, drive the kids to school on time on a route you don’t need to know – you just get there – most of it is all handled from the subconscious. It why when you ask someone about their drive, they can’t really remember the details of their drive to school – because it was handled on autopilot.  

When your subconscious is functioning well – amazing – it means total clarity of thought, decisions are made from a place of rational thinking, you’re able to navigate the world WELL (most of the time) or certainly able to reflect with compassion and wisdom when things don’t go well.

It probably means you’re getting the results you want or TOWARDS the results you want in your life – whether that’s your health, happiness, fun, career, wealth… if you’re subconscious is functioning well – you’ll be moving in the direction you want to be… you might not be quite there yet… I’m not… but you’re moving in a direction that feels GOOD – positive steps all the time – day to day steps in the right direction.  

It might mean something like:

  • Treating yourself with total love and acceptance and support rather than constantly criticising yourself meaning more happiness, headspace and calm
  • Taking the time to look after your needs – making sure that you’ve been nourished, hydrated, rested rather than constantly rushing around and eating two custard creams for breakfast meaning more energy, calm, health
  • Setting boundaries with your phone vs being on your phone for 4+ hours a day doing nothing helpful meaning more time, headspace, energy… who knows… more sex 
  • Making the time to meal plan vs having no idea what you’re having for tea and then eating shit food because you can’t be arsed meaning… more energy
  • Creating a budget and sticking to it vs impulse buying things you don’t really need right now meaning you have way more wealth and feel positive about yourself 
  • Taking on projects at work that you want to do to support your career vs being jealous of those that are meaning going up the career ladder to help you with your career and fulfilment 
  • Making plans to go cold water dipping with a new set of people vs feeling you need to meet ‘friends’ you’ve out grown and want to go out boozing all night to meaning you are creating more health and fun in your life

Working towards having a subconscious that works in your favour to support you is helpful if you want to see change in your life.  

And it’s possible for everyone to create a healthier subconscious through getting super conscious about current behaviour vs what they want, repetitive actions (atomic habits the book is good for this), learning discipline, journaling, eft, picking yourself back up even when things don’t go right, visualisation or having support using something such as Belief Coding or working longer term with someone on a programme such as Emergence.

If you’d like help, get in touch and I’ll share how I can help.

Much love, Tricia xxx 

P.S. Check out what the people I’ve worked with here have to say about working with me.

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