You might have confidence all wrong

Imagine this – you walk into a room and there’s someone there that’s welcoming you, up at the bar singing and dancing, making jokes and is loud.

You might believe that person is confident.

And she might be confident.

She also might be masking massive insecurities.

Her loudness, friendliness, bubbliness might also be her way to make sure you like her because she’s actually extremely insecure and anxious and wants to be liked by everyone.

What we believe about confidence is often wrong.

It’s often:

  • Exhausting, because you’re masking
  • Insecurity, because you want to be liked
  • Shaming, because you end up doing things you don’t want to do and then can’t believe you did 

And for many – you might have confidence all wrong – because you don’t need to be loud, dancing and singing on the bar, making jokes or be everyone’s friend to be confident.

Confidence might be to:

  • Start a new hobby or jump in the sea with people who you’ve never met before  
  • Have the courage to stop be liked by everyone 
  • Feel good and excited about applying for a job or going for an interview rather than anxious 
  • Go live on social media or recording a video and feeling totally at ease
  • Hold a difficult conversation calmly rather than avoid 
  • Wear the bikini and feel good in your body

I believe confidence comes not from changing you – but (a) changing your perception of how you interpret things as being good or bad and (b) totally and utterly have unshakeable belief in yourself to cope and manage.

I’m putting together a new confidence programme. It’s a pilot. It’s 6 weeks of working in a group with me. The pilot will be £99 and we meet Thursday lunchtimes (I have no evening capacity at the moment). It starts on the 26th April with meetings every Thursday after.

I now have 8 people signed up to the programme. If you’d like to join too, get in touch and I’ll send you the details.  

Much love, Tricia xxx

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